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Why Prince Kaybee do 2Point1 like this? #2Point1Statement


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We as 2point1 (Sheke & Priga) have decided to request our clearance from Lowkey Records after our song Titled “Don’t Say (ft Tira, Naakmusiq & Delasoundz) has been released and the label doesn’t do anything to push it. This is not what we wanted, our aim was to build a family but we had no choice but to leave. The CEO “Prince Kaybee” does not release songs by his artists, that’s the reason why Zazzi, Thakzin, Soul Majestic & Phindile have left. He would allow us to produce but then make us wait too long before the release, His reasons would be that we should work on other songs, that we shutouts be patient and our music was still not good enough. Surprisingly the same music he indacted is not good enough would be on his playlist where he had gigs, despite the treatment we would still listen and continue working. The song β€œDONT SAY” was completed in 2017 with vocals and he still felt it’s not good enough,

We didn’t ask to sign with Lowkey, he insisted because he knew our Production got so much potential, We remember our first meeting we had in May 2017,in Bloemfontein before we got signed by him, he said he wants to focus on Lowkey artists and he’s not going to release his music for the next five years, we believed him, he was our inspiration by the way. maybe it was his idea to convince us to sign with his label. He mentioned that he’s not gonna help us with his money, our work will make money for us, we indeed agreed with him because thats how it supposed to be but He didn’t do as promised.

We had a beautiful song that was supposed to be our single, he believed in it and he said it’s not our style of music and that song is the best song he has ever heard from us, instead he asked us to sell it for him for 7k and 20%royalties, that was after releasing Yonkinto, we refused to send him project and we had to move on to another song, that was the 1st time we our suspicions that he might have signed us not to grow us but to work for him but we kept on believing in him.

We really understand that he is also an artist and we respected that he has to manage his brand also but keeping us waiting for nothing doesn’t help. We didn’t give up, we released our amaPiano song Titled “Docha (ft. Butana & DeepGallery)” he didn’t push it also, instead he released Club Controller and he pushed his song with radio play than what he did with our song, we had to make efforts to push him to shoot the Video but he was not supportive, he said we cannot shoot the video because it doesn’t help in marketing of the song, it’s waste of money, we were surprised. We then borrowed money from a club called Tiamos, located in the City of Welkom. It sponsored us with 15k, which was apparently half the price of the Video Shoot, that’s when he allowed us to shoot the video and he said that he paid the remaining 15k. We didn’t know that all video expenses was going to be paid back by Universal Music, he submitted a Invoice to Universal that saying Lowkey has spent 42k for the Video, which was not True.

The saddest part is our debut Album Titled P. U. S. H was supposed to drop before his 2nd studio album “Re Mmino”. We had submitted Our debut album before he was even finished with his album. Our debut album P. U. S. H in his words he said it has been paid 50k, little did we know that our debut album has paid 150k, we were surprised that how could this be. But we did not say anything. It was bad that we couldn’t even pay all local artists we have worked with on the album. The studio times we had booked to record some songs on the album. We thought he said our music will be the one thing that would shape up our future and career, but turns out that we are being ripped off our career.

We had to stop him from releasing our album after he failed to endorse our new single, it’s said that our single was scheduled to drop on the 22 February 19 but he pushed for his Fetch your life to drop on 8 February 19 and our single was pushed to 15 March 19, You will never know Prince Kaybee until you work with him. We’ve learned that he is very manipulative and uses financial power to get what he wants unfortunately on the expense of others he gets credited.

We have decided to let our fans know what we have been through at Lowkey Records, we really apologize for not releasing our album. We had no choice but to pull out, we re going to release music independently and move on with our career. Our new Single titles “Batho Bana ft Butana & Phlyvocals is coming out soon.

Thank you for the support we are receiving from our fans and our hometown Welkom and Free State for believing in us.

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