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DINO BRAVO , the most consistent DJ we have in South Africa, drops a mix everyday and everyday the mix is different. You have been sleeping on Dino Bravo, WE HAVE been sleeping on D-Bravo with his cool and calm, explosive music mixes.


Africa has been home to Dino for quite some time. After being raised in Cuba, he moved to South Africa in the early 90’s and has adapted perfectly to the lifestyle and culture that the country is known for.

His music inspiration hails from the strong Samba, Latino and African rhythm he is accustomed to and the result of this unique blend is a host of infectious combinations of musical styles. Music has forever been ingrained in this artist’s soul and his entry into the music world goes back to the days of his youth where he enjoyed break-dancing and rapping.
No musical style goes unnoticed and his musical repertoire includes that of hip-hop, kwaito, bhangra, pop, plus much more. Each style is influenced and complemented by the unique flavour he adds each time.

It was inevitable that such talent would be noticed – Bravo caught the attention of DJ Fresh at Intersections nightclub in Randburg. The fellow DJ enjoyed Bravo’s unique style of mixing and interesting song selection.


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